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Term Definition
Refugee A person fleeing danger in their home nation who tries to find a place where they will be protected from the threats they fear.
Asylum seeker The detention of any person regardless of age, sex or nationality who is unlawfully in Australia.
Terrorist A person who has a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality or membership of a particular ​social group or political party, who is outside their country, is unable or unwilling to return to their country due to fear of persecution and who is not a war criminal.
Mandatory detention A person who engages in the systematic use of violence and intimidation for the purpose of achieving a political, religious, social or economic goal.

Fair vs Equal

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What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Bert

What does it mean to be a refugee? - Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman

About 60 million people around the globe have been forced to leave their homes to escape war, violence and persecution. The majority have become Internally Displaced Persons, meaning they fled their homes but are still in their own countries. Others, referred to as refugees, sought shelter outside their own country. But what does that term really mean? Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman explain

Understanding a Worldview

Advertising with serious messages

Every day there are news reports of new health advice, but how can you know if they're right? Doctor and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre shows us, at high speed, the ways evidence can be distorted, from the blindingly obvious nutrition claims to the very subtle tricks of the pharmaceutical industry.