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CURRICULUM SUBJECTS: Colonial Australia and The Kelly Gang

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Early Experiences in Australasia: Primary Sources and Personal Narratives 1788-1901

Date range: 1788-1901
Geographical focus: Australasia
First person accounts of early life in Australia, including letters, diaries, narratives, Government documents, maps and pictures.


Ranken family coach : a landau coach

Basic needs

Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly (aka Catherine Ada Kelly) (12 July 1863 - October 1898) was the sister of famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. It is believed she drowned in Lake Forbes, a small pond situated in the middle of Forbes, while saving an Aboriginal child that was in trouble during a flood of the lake. She was buried in Forbes Cemetery, aged 36.

Old Melbourne Gaol. Between 1842 and its closure in 1929 the gaol was the scene of 133 hangings including Australia's most infamous citizen, the bushranger Ned Kelly.

The Green Sash given to a Young Ned Kelly for saving a boy from drowning

Treasures from the National LIbrary of Australia

History of Convict Australia Documentary

It's 130 years since was hanged at old Melbourne Gaol, but the decendent of an Irishman extradited to Australia for stealing pigs in Tipperary is still causing controversy today. Ned Kelly is one of the most infamous characters in folklore and he is being remembered.

Alice Pung - 'Ned Kelly was a deadbeat drongo!'

Filmed at the launch of 'Growing Up Asian in Australia', acclaimed Melbourne author Alice Pung criticizes the notion of 'model minorities' and takes a dig at Australia's national hero.

Ned Kelly - Documentary on the Robin Hood of Australia Ned Kelly 2014

The burnt remains of the Glenrowan Inn.

Ned Kelly’s armour on display at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. Photograph by Mike Baker © Screen

Ned Kelly’s armour and helmet weighed about 44kg.


Gold era

Gold Miners, outside a bark hut, Queensland, Australia. ca.1870.

Photo shared by the State Library of Queensland, Australia.


BUSH CAMP - A gold mining camp. There are miners and tents in the foreground and a horse and dray in the distance.Kyneton District, Victoria, Australia, circa 1865

Colonial Australia and the Kelly Gang

Harry Power was nearly fifty years old when he escaped from Pentridge Prison in February 1869 and commenced a daring fifteen month bushranging career. In 1870, Ned Kelly was charged with being an accomplice of the bushranger Harry Power. The case against him was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Ellen Kelly, mother of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, ca. 1850.

Ellen Kelly, mother of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, ca. 1850.

The Burman Photo of the Police camp 1878 where the troopers were shot by the Kellys Image courtesy book by Keith McMenomy Ned Kelly-

Capture Telegram re Ned Kelly

The childhood house of Ned Kelly, bushranger, built in 1859 by his father John 'Red' Kelly.

Ned Kelly eResources

1873 Prison portrait of Ned Kelly at 19 years old.

SONG: Johnny Cash - Ned Kelly

A member of one of the Australian colonial police forces, c 1870

A member of the ‘Greta Mob’ reputed to be Aaron Sherritt, who became the key to Ned Kelly’s strategy to establish a Republic of North-Eastern Victoria. When Joe Byrne decided to kill his lifelong friend, the murder was planned to draw police into a trap.

Notice the strap under his nose?

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A Hunger for Land : The Early Settlement of Australia  /  OSTERLEY, Adrian  (2015)

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Life in colonial Australia : from First Fleet to Federation  /  Kerry Davies.  (2014)

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