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CURRICULUM SUBJECTS: Persuasive Techniques and Advertising

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Rhetorical Devices

This video deepens students' understanding of the concepts of pathos, logos, and ethos with visual examples. The video explains how the television, print, and online advertisements utilize the three rhetorical strategies. The narration in the commercial further explains their use in each advertisement.

American Rhetoric



Coming Home for Christmas | Heathrow Airport


AdSpace is a series of activities that helps students develop an understanding of roles within the advertising industry and how these roles work to create advertising across different mediums. It promotes critical thinking and discussion about advertising and the role it plays in society.

The 4 resources model by Freebody and Luke

The 4 resources model by Freebody and Luke


A video that lists advertising techniques and shows examples of each one. Persuasive unit.

Creator unknown :



American Rhetoric

All Men Are Created Equal - To Kill a Mockingbird (6/10) Movie CLIP (1962) HD

The Sneaky Psychology of Advertising

Battling Bad Science

Every day there are news reports of new health advice, but how can you know if they're right? Doctor and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre shows us, at high speed, the ways evidence can be distorted, from the blindingly obvious nutrition claims to the very subtle tricks of the pharmaceutical industry.

A persuasive writing and speaking activity focused on identifying propaganda while watching TV.

What Are 6 Principles Of Psychology That Can Improve Your Ability To Influence And Persuade Others Ethically? #infographic


The following video can be accessed through Clickview:

Literary Devices in Ads

For Teachers

The Grammar of Visual Design

Advertising (ZIP)

Resources to support advertising study

Web Ad-Diction (ZIP)

A unit with a viewing focus, where year 10 students explore several types of advertisements found on the Internet. The aim of the unit is to enable students to critically analyse the advertising material they are exposed to on the Internet - and elsewhere