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CURRICULUM SUBJECTS: The 10 Commandments

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Love: A Matter of the Will - Catholic Video By Speaker Ken Yasinski

Is Jesus a priority in our lives? If given the exercise to make a Top 10 list of what you value most in life, what would occupy the number one position? What if Jesus comes in at number 4 on the list of life priorities, is that good enough? At the number four spot, it would seem like we are doing pretty good, however we are not designed to have Jesus third for the top, we are designed to have Jesus at the top of the list. When God gave Moses the top ten list, he placed at the top of His, what He wanted at the top of ours. "You shall have no other God's be me." In other words, God doesn't want to occupy any other position in our hearts except at the top. Because whatever is at the top is our god. That ever occupies the number one position is the object of our worship and devotion, it is what our lives centre around because the number one position takes president over all other positions. St. Augustine said, "Peace is the tranquility of order." When Jesus holds that number one position in our hearts, our life takes on God's order and the fruit of this is peace. When God becomes anything but the number one priority in our life, we have a disordered order of priorities and the fruit of this is chaos. So if you made a list of life priorities, where would you place your relationship with God?

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