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Simulation of the Official Australian Citizenship Test


First Fleet and Colonial Australia

First Fleet Fellowship
General information about the First Fleet Fellowship, the story of the FirstFleet, convicts, the ships of the First Fleet, and a list of provisions and livestock, is provided at this site.

First Fleet Online contains a database of the First Fleet convicts to Australia, diary extracts, stories and letters of the time, as well as suggestions on how to investigate the topic of the First Fleet.Includes an interactive map of the journey.

The George Raper Collection
An online exhibit of the personal papers of George Raper, who sailed with the convict ships in 1787 at age seventeen from England to Australia on the Sirius, the flagship of the First Fleet. Also included are maps, drawings and a timeline.

The World Upside Down: Australia 1788 - 1830
A timeline of eyewitness history for Australia's early European settlement from 1788 to 1830. The timeline features interesting details of early life in convict Australia and includes images and artifact

Racism in Australia

For Teachers

Diversity in Australia

Facts for students


Kids Media

Harmony Day is celebrated on 21 March every year. For Australia, it is a day to celebrate our diverse and multicultural society. The day is organised by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The following information about Harmony Day can be found below:

Below is a printable PDF of the information on this page.

Bound for Botany Bay

The story of the first fleet, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip. It begins in England with the British government desperate to alleviate their overcrowded prisons by establishing a new colony at Botany Bay. With the hardships faced by the fleet, it was one of the greatest maritime expeditions ever. Filmed on location in Portsmouth and at the fleet's ports of call. Written and presented by historian Dr Jonathan King in 1988.

We are Sorry

News Clip : Channel Ten : 3:12 min
The full speech of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, apologising on behalf of the Federal Government to the Stolen Generations. Feb 13, Canberra. 32:16 min

Indigenous Australians and Religion

Peter Spencer - Australian Farmer Exposes K ' Rudd "Global Warming" Conspiracy

The Great Australian Race Riot | Season 1 Episode 1 | Full Episode

The Cronulla Riots 2005 — conflict in society

Overviewfrom Lines in the sand

Worksheet: Cronulla Riots investigation worksheet (.pdf 95 kB) | Word version (.docx 101 kB)

Strike Force Neil Report (.pdf 20.4 MB) (pages referenced for source material in this part of Sequence 4: 9, 38,–44, 50–56)

Reporting Notebook approach(Teaching strategy)

Source: Reaction to ‘Life-savers’ incident

Source: Racialisation of immigrant youth

Source: Role of the media 1

Source: Role of the media 2

Source: Newspaper article: ‘Let’s take back our beaches’, December 10, 2005

Redfern riot or Macquarie Field riot comparison with Cronulla

Source: Newspaper article ‘Mob violence envelops Cronulla’ December 11, 200

Video: ABC Four Corners Riot and revenge (Note that this video contains course language and some violent scenes)

Newspaper survey — What caused the Cronulla riot?

Newspaper article ‘Making sense of a black day’, The Age, December 13 2005

Newspaper article ‘A Nation’s line in the sand Sydney Morning Herald 21 January, 2014

On the Same Wave program

80 days that Changed Our Lives Communities clash violently at Cronulla

Newspapaer article ‘Cronulla Five Years on’ The Monthly, December 2010