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TEACHERS: Assembly Topics

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Building brain power

Initiate a discussion on which types of food and activities can help build brain power and a healthy lifestyle with this colourful PowerPoint presentation.

First World War assembly pack

Encourage students to reflect on themes of commemoration, remembrance

and peace with this detailed assembly pack on the First World War.


Climate change

Use this informative assembly plan to help pupils to understand the impacts of climate change,

and how world leaders and communities are addressing environmental issues.


What is love?

Challenge students to think about contemporary notions of love in comparison

to biblical representations, with this religious studies assembly.


Assembly on respect

Use this thought-provoking assembly to illustrate the importance of respect,

and what it means to your students.


Friendship assembly

A varied slideshow on the theme of friendship, which contains a selection of engaging quotes

from different historical periods.


Achievement assembly

This engaging PowerPoint presentation will prompt pupils to consider what motivates them,

and what they can achieve in the future.


Multicultural Britain

Adaptable teaching materials to help students consider the advantages

and disadvantages of living in a multicultural society.


The impact of art

This extensive assembly pack looks at how art has shaped our world throughout history,

from Ancient Egypt to the present day.