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Claver Heart Beats: Healthy Relationships: Gain Consent, Stop Harassment

Many mental health topics and community organisations that adolescents, parents and teachers may find helpful as an information starting point.

Healthy Relationships: Gain Consent, Stop Harassment

1 Healthy Relationships

Website: Love is Respect Org

Love Bites Programme

2 Sexual Harassment

2.1 Lawstuff – Know Your Rights

2.2 Australian Human Rights Commission

Tackling Sexual Harassment

Booklet and Learning Activities

Video (Counsellors have a CD with this video).

If viewing from the website you will need to allow all content.

View from Youtube

“rightsED: Tackling sexual harassment” 8:35

“Street Harassment in Australia I the Feed” 2:56

3 Sexual Consent


Safety Pleasure Respect
(Australian website). Has good information videos, contemporary.

Sexnrespect (NZ website) Discusses consent, Respect, Rights, and Responsibilities, How to Ask.'n'-Respect/What-is-consent/