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Modern History


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Vintage Australian postcards experience growth in popularity as window to the past

Vintage Australian postcards experience growth in popularity as window to the past


Old postcards have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity as researchers and collectors realise their remarkable historical value.

A century after they were posted, the images on the front, the stamps used and the text on the back of early 1900s postcards have become a window into a world which has been lost.


World History Resources

Collaborate using social technologies to delve into the past, present or future of city spaces. View architectural maps of some of the world’s most famous cities from different time periods and overlay important structures.

View some of the most interesting and thought-provoking photographs through time to stimulate discussion in your classroom.

 European Virtual Museum
The European Virtual Museum is an online collaboration between twenty-seven prestigious European museums and showcases historical artifacts from all over the world.

TimeMaps is an all-inclusive look at world history that combines maps, timelines and chronological narratives.

 Spartacus Educational
This online encyclopedia focuses on historical topics and figures from England, the United States, Russia, Germany and France. All of the articles are easy-to-digest and are written for students.

 Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Type in a phrase and see what it looks like when it’s translated to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This is a cool activity to do if you’re covering Ancient Egypt.

 Women in World History
Over 200 primary source materials about women in world history including photographs, propaganda, commentary and more. These materials are great discussion and essay starters.

While HyperHistory’s design is reminiscent of websites from the 1990’s, it covers 3000 years of world history including culture, religion, politics and historical figures.

300 informational narratives and 10,000 events in a searchable database. HistoryWorld is great for conducting preliminary research for papers and projects.

 EyeWitness to History
EyeWitness to History is home to first-hand accounts of historical events, vintage photographs, original radio broadcasts and more.

 Wikibooks – Ancient Civilizations
Easy to understand descriptions of some of the world’s most influential civilizations including the Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Vikings, Persians, Romans and more.

 Simple English Wikipedia - World History
The history of the world—according to Wikipedia—told in plain English. Videos
Watch video clips from the History Channel on a variety of topics including the American Revolution, American Civil War, World War II, the Titanic, Black History Month, Ancient Civilizations and more.

 Go Social Studies Go
A modern-looking website dedicated to world religions, history and world geography. Each topic includes a separate page with information, images and links to relevant websites. Some pages even have videos.

 The Avalon Project
A collection of historical documents in law and diplomacy from 4,000bce to the present. It includes documents such as the Athenian Constitution, Magna Carta, Articles of Confederation, Civil Rights Act of 1964 and more.

 Playing History
Playing History aggregates all of the free history games on the web into a simple, searchable database.

 Snag Learning
Free documentaries produced by well-known educational publishers, including PBS and National Geographic. The available titles cover topics like the Battle for Midway, Alexander the Great, Pearl Harbor and more.


World History for Us All 
World History for Us All offers teaching units, lesson plans and resources for middle school and high school world history teachers. It is a collaboration between K-12 educators, collegiate instructors and educational technology specialists.

Bridging World History 
26 thematic world history units include videos, an audio glossary and a database of over 1,500 images and maps. Use Bridging World History to teach your students about the ties that bind historical events together.

World History Connected 
The best online journal for world history. Plus, it's free!

Crash Course YouTube Channel 
Crash Course's YouTube Channel currently has 13 quality videos that cover topics in world history such as the fall of Rome, Alexander the Great, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia and the Agricultural Revolution. If you're unfamiliar with this YouTube channel, you should definitely check it out! FYI - some of the narrator's humor may be unsuitable for younger students.


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Don't forget to use the online World Book Encyclopedia and EBSCO Databases on the Student Portal!

Primary Sources

Moments in Time




History for Music Lovers -

Timeline of Ideas

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Global Indigenous


History: Native American | University Libraries, University of Washington

Date range: 17th-21st Centuries
Geographical focus: North America
A library guide to Native American history, including primary source materials, from the University of Washington.

Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties

Date range: 18th-20th Centuries
Geographical focus: US
A site with links to two collections of treaties between settlers and Native Americans- Indian Affairs: Law and Treaties and Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations.

New Zealand History Online

Date range: 19th-21st Centuries
Geographical focus: New Zealand
Includes primary sources and commentary on New Zealand History, including many resources relating to Maori history. Resources include photographs, documents, paintings and engravings.

South African History Online

Date range: 15th-20th Centuries
Geographical focus: South Africa
Commentary on South African history, with supporting primary documents and photographs from at least the 17th Century onwards.

Canada in the Making: Primary sources

Date range: 18th-20th Centuries
Geographical focus: Canada
Government documents relating to the formation of the Canadian Constitution, including treaties with the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Facts and Opinions - How to Identify, Differences, Examples

Decide if Francine and Buster are saying facts or opinions! Lesson includes practical exercises

Free Online Journals

Don't forget to use the online World Book Encyclopedia and EBSCO Databases on the Student Portal!

Ancient History

General Interest


16 Types of Government

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World Population History