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History: Archaeology



Geologic time scale


The Geological Timescale


Libraries, Museums and LibGuides

Inductive VS Deductive Reasoning by Shmoop

Ceremonial (archeaology)


Making Charcoal

ANU eBook

Explore | GlobalXplorer

 GlobalXplorer, a citizen science platform that encourages people around the world to identify and preserve our collective heritage. That means you can now spend your coffee break saving the world's ancient treasures while leveling up to "space archaeologist" status yourself! 

Interactive site :




Google Cultural Institute: How To Use the Site

KS2 Prehistory – The Bronze Age

Athenian Agora Excavations

Athenian Agora Excavations

Athenian Agora


More eResources!

Timelines (focus on England): sourced from Pinterest

Screaming Mummy Mystery from National Geographic

Surrounded by contradictions, the mummy known as Unknown Man E has fascinated Egyptologists for over a century.

Archaeological Sites and Digs

Moving huge blocks with simple engineering A classic: Wally Wallington has been building his own Stonehenge in Michigan with no machinery... only ropes, structures of sticks, stones, and gravity.

Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites


Iron Age

Stories from the Stone Age

Stories from the Stone Age: An exploration of the revolutionary period of prehistory that began when humans abandoned the nomadic hunting and gathering existence they had known for millennia to take up a completely new way of life the decisive move to farming and herding the ration of permanent settlements and the discovery of metals setting the stage for the arrival of the worlds first civilisation.


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