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History: World Wars




WW1 and WW2 joint eResources


Images of War
Documenting 20th century war and its impact.

The Atom Strikes - 1945 Atomic Weapons and WW2 Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Australian Women in World War II

Pat survived the Vyner Brook then became a POW for 42 months. There are 7 parts. 2 minutes into Part 4 and continuing into Part 5 Pat talks about daily life in the camp.

Bombing of Darwin

Milne Bay - Battle for Australia


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Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, 1914
"Sopherl, Sopherl, don't die. Stay alive for the children! " The murder that ignited World War One.

  The German Army Marches Through Brussels, 1914
"This was a machine, endless, tireless, with the delicate organization of a watch and the brute power of a steam roller."

  The Beginning of Air Warfare, 1914
"Have you got a revolver, old boy? My ammunition's all gone." The beginning of air-to-air combat.

 Christmas in the Trenches, 1914
"We and the Germans met in the middle of no-man's-land." A spontaneous truce takes over the front lines during the first Christmas of World War I on the Western Front.


WWII for Australia

The Kokoda Trail