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History: Civil Rights in Australia


What are Civil Rights ?

Civil rights are the protections and privileges given to all citizens by law. Civil rights are rights given by nations to their citizens within their territorial boundaries. Human rights, on the other hand, are rights that individuals have from birth.

In countries like South Africa, the United States and Europe, laws which guarantee civil rights are written down.

Examples of civil rights and liberties include:

  • the right to privacy

  • the right of peaceful protest

  • the right to a fair investigation and trial if suspected of a crime

  • the right to vote

  • the right to personal freedom

  • the right to freedom of movement

  • the right to equality before the law

When citizens in civil society find that their civil rights are not being granted, they may form civil rights movements to claim equal protection for all citizens. They may also call for new laws to stop current discrimination.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations Organisation in 1948. It is the basis for human rights protection and promotion around the world.

Culture in Australia

Stolen Generation

Indigenous Rights Movement:

100 years Rise and Fall of White Australia (Part 1/6)

Prime Minister Paul Keating - Launch of International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, 1993

Our Generation

"Our Generation is an independent documentary film, made over 3 years, that looks at the current state of Indigenous relations in Australia, home to the oldest living culture in the world. Driven by the remote Yolngu peoples of Northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, the film shines a light on the ongoing struggle of Aboriginal people to their culture, lands and basic human rights. It is a call for understanding and action, for black and white Australians to come together to challenge the ongoing racism and assimilation that lie hidden in the “lucky country”. It is also a cry for freedom, on the frontier between worlds, that resonates with the struggles of Indigenous peoples across the globe."

White Australia Policy

Source : Found on  10 August 2015

Women's Rights

Stan Grant addresses National Press Club to launch Talking to My Country – video

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The Freedom Riders - Australian and American Civil Rights