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History: Communism



International Workingmen's Association

The International Workingmen's Association was an international group of socialists. Originally, it contained socialists of all kinds, including libertarian socialists (known by various names, including anarchists, anarcho-communists and Bakuninists) as well as the more authoritarian Marxists and social democrats.
Table of contents
1 First International
1.1 The Schism
2 Second International
3 Third International
4 Fourth International

Rasputin Pt 2/3

History vs. Vladimir Lenin - Alex Gendler

Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas II and founded the Soviet Union, forever changing the course of Russian politics. But was he a hero who toppled an oppressive tyranny or a villain who replaced it with another? Alex Gendler puts this controversial figure on trial, exploring both sides of a nearly century-long debate.

Australia and Communism

Australia's response to Communism

The web sites below contain information about Australia's response to the threat of communism both in Asia after WWII and in Australia.

Alexandra Kollontai


Capitalism, Socialism, Communism

Notes on this personal website cover definitions in economics, and critiques of capitalism, communism and socialism with a brief comparison of the three systems.

Encyclopedia of Marxism

The Encyclopedia of Marxism details events, people, places, terms, organisations, and periodicals that are related to the study of Marxism. The encyclopaedia can be searched by key word or it can be browsed

Revelations from the Russian Archives

'Internal workings of the Soviet Union' is the first of a number of papers from the Library of Congress Archives discussing the rise of Communism in Russia from 1917, the rule of Stalin and Soviet-US international economic and military relations up to the Cold War period