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History: Inter War period 1918-1938



“Ephemeral Films Project: National Socialism in Austria : Life under the Nazis

eResources 1918-36

The Ending of World War One, and the Legacy of Peace

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Political Cartoons - Interwar

Punch was a British Magazine which ran from 1841-2002. It popularised the political cartoon. Here is a gallery of cartoons published by Punch during the Interwar Years.


Interwar 1919-1939


Burning money during the inflation crisis in Germany, 1920. Paper money was cheaper than coal and wood.

Following WWI Germany was forced to pay for the financial cost of the war to its enemies and it did so by printing more money. So much money that the Deutschmark devalued itself by so much during that time period that it became worth less than toilet paper.  Shown here is German children playing with stacks of money, which makes you realize how worthless Deutschmarks were at the time


Treaty of Versailles