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History: Ancient Egypt



Primary Sources

Perseus Tufts

This website provides a plethora of ancient texts, many in the original languages, along with English Translations.

Ancient Egypt - Ancient History Sourcebook

Fordham University provides a list of links to online primary sources from the classical era.



The British Museum

Search the museum's extensive artefact collection based upon:
Culture and Time Period

Famous Historical People


Egyptian Index - Bluffton University

A series of photos of ancient Egyptian sites. Useful for appendices in essays.


List of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts

A useful collection of a range of ancient artefacts from Egypt, sorted according to dynasty.


Digital Karnak

The Digital Karnak Project was designed and built at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).


Vatican Museum - Gregorian Egyptian Museum

The Vatican's collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.



The ETANA website is a searchable database of artefacts from across the Ancient Near East.

Ancient Egypt Timeline


British Museum : Journey through 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian sculpture, including the Rosetta Stone and colossal statues of pharaohs. You can tour the gallery at your leisure on Google Street View:

Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4


Secondary Sources


Ancient Egypt - History of the Ancient World

A website that offers academic and popular articles about the Ancient World.

Ancient Egypt Flipboard Magazine

A collection of online articles and news reports about ancient Egypt.

Please Note: Some internet browsers do not handle the Flipboard website very well, and it is sometimes better to have the Flipboard App on your device to view the magazine.

Digital Egypt for Universities

A huge database of information for Egyptian history. It is created and maintained by the University College London.

JURN Search Engine

Search millions of free academic articles, chapters, and theses. 


ABC Splash

ABC Splash brings you high-quality digital educational content from across the ABC and around the world. Content includes videos, audio clips, games and interactive tools.

All the mod cons

Old Kingdom Egypt, 3rd to 6th Dynasties

Egypt in the Ramesside Period, 19th and 20th Dynasties

Ptolemaic Egypt, 331 BC – AD 31

New Kingdom Egypt to the death of Horemheb

Thebes – East and West, 18th Dynasty Egypt

New Kingdom imperialism, diplomacy and governance, 18 – 20th Dynasty Egypt