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History: Period : 1931 – 1967




Japan and World War II; The Atomic Bomb; Allied/American Occupation of Japan

Japan post 1945

Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb
Background reading discussing some of the events that preceded the U.S. dropping of the atomic bomb and presenting some of the questions left about the necessity and results of the bombing. With three primary source documents with document-based questions [Report of the Interim Committee on the Military Use of the Atomic Bomb (May 1945) [PDF]; Report of the Franck Committee on the Social and Political Implications of a Demonstration of the Atomic Bomb (For a Non-Combat Demonstration) (June 1945) [PDF]; The Potsdam Declaration (July 26, 1945) [PDF]], plus activities for students.

"The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb," by Henry Lewis Stimson (February 1947) [PDF]