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Geography: Landscapes and Landforms

Anchor chart idea for an introduction to landforms and bodies of water

Rocks, Minerals and Erosion


2015: 3D fly through of newly discovered Australian underwater volcanoes

Volcanic Features of Queensland

TES Resources

Tectonic Plates

From BBC documentary film "Earth The Power Of The Planet "
The Earth is formed by accretion of spatial particulates and large masses and eventually forms an outer crust. Video follows with speculation of early plates and land masses and their movement through time. **Clip is from National Geographic**

Earthquakes and Volcanoes eResources

How Uluru came to be


Source :

 The Destruction of Pompeii, 79 AD
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroys the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.


Lava crosses the highway at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

New island creation in Nishinoshima, Japan from Karapaia

Lava flow : Iceland.


Glacial Landforms

Glacial Landforms and Glacier Erosion (Melting and Calving) is an animation video for Kids (Children). This Education Video depicts Glacial Landforms are those created by the action of glaciers. Most of today's glacial landforms were created by the movement of large ice sheets during the Quaternary glaciations. Two major erosional processes occur at the base of a glacier.