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Middle Years English: Trash

Middle Years English

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Andy Mulligan talks about his new book "Trash" on NDTV in India. Trash is aimed at teenagers and tells the story of three boys who pick through the rubbish dumps in Asia until one day they find something that sends them on an adventure.

Cambodia: CHILDREN of the DUMP

In countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of poor people face daily hazards to earn meager livings by scavenging for recyclable goods. In Cambodia, hundreds of scavenger families find their lives changing - they will lose their homes and livelihoods when the government closes the dump where they work. Rory Byrne has this report from Phnom Penh. Officially, it is the Steung Meanchey landfill site, but those who live here call it Smokey Mountain. Steung Meanchey dump is a seven-hectare mountain of smoking garbage on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Here some 2,000 workers, including about 600 children, sift through 700 tons of garbage a day.

Slumdog Millionaire - Trailer

The Environmental Impact of the Fashion Industry

Infographic: The Unbelievable Scale of Marine Trash

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Really Big Things: America's Landfills


Trash - Andy Mulligan. Unit. (ZIP)

My unit for this book for an able Year 9 or mainstream Y10 class.

Keywords: Identity, Poverty, Wealth

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