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Subscription databases and search portals to support your research.

Reference : databases


Don't forget to check out World Book and EBSCO Host databases on the student portal. Full text articles for your assignment, along with full APA citation for your bibliography.

Eyes on the Solar System" is a 3-D environment

The moon

Earth and the Universe

  • Google Earth
    View 3D images of Earth, and some aspects of space, via desktop, web, or mobile.
  • Earth Science World
    Search the Earth Science World Image Bank, browse books, career options in the geosciences, and play games for a study break!
  • Exploring Earth Visualizations  
     A series of vibrant visualisations & animations highly relevant to the study of Earth sciences is in this free eBook.
  • EarthRef  
    An umbrella site for sources of reference data & models for a range of earth science subdisciplines. Search the EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA), GERM Reservoir, GERM Partition Coefficient (Kd), PaleoMagnetic Archival Group (PMAG) databases & more.
  • CSIRO- Mineral Resouces
    Learn how the CSIRO, working closely with industry partners, delivers innovation to grow Australia's resource base, increase productivity and drive environmental performance.
  • Windows to the Universe - The History of the Universe
    Read an overview of the history of the Universe, and link to videos. The website aims to provide a rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets, that explore the Earth & Space sciences.
Where does gold come from? - David Lunney. Did you know that gold is extraterrestrial? Instead of arising from our planet’s rocky crust, it was actually cooked up in space and is present on Earth because of cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae. CERN Scientist David Lunney outlines the incredible journey of gold from space to Earth

Big History Project

Crash Course with John and Hank Green

Big HIstory Project : Our Solar Sytem and Earth

Learn About Planet Earth - Earth's Atmosphere

Phases of the Moon Explanation

Lunar phase or phases of moon indicates the illuminated portion of the moon which a person observes from the earth.The revolution of moon around earth makes it appear like it is changing shapes.The phase or the shape of the moon depends upon its position in relation to the Sun and the Earth.In this animated video,kids can learn about the causes and factors of changing positions of the moon and various phases of it.

To Scale : the Solar System

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Proven in Australia, 1922

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Proven in Australia, 1922

In late August 1922 a group of astronomers, naval men, and Aboriginal stockmen began the arduous task of unloading their complicated scientific equipment and stores from boats onto a deserted beach on the coast of Western Australia. The shallow nature of the approach meant the boats were anchored three or four miles from the high-water line and the stores, after being brought to shore, were then transported by donkey wagons to the observation site at Wollal. This was no ordinary expedition and its members knew the eyes of the world were on them waiting to see if they would be the ones to finally prove Einstein’s controversial ‘Theory of General Relativity‘. - See more at: POWERHOUSE MUSEUM

The Solar System Song (with lyrics)

It's been a long road to the discovery that Earth is not the center of the Solar System, the Milky Way, or the universe; great thinkers from Aristotle to Bruno have grappled with it for millennia. But if we aren't at the center of the universe, what is? M

How Gravity Makes Things Fall

The Sun’s surprising movement across the sky - Gordon Williamson

How small are we in the scale of the universe? - Alex Hofeldt


Ask your teacher how to access Scootle :

Earth Rotation

earth rotation

  • Turn an animated model of the Earth to explore how rotation is related to night and time of day.
  • Turn an animated model of the Earth to explore how rotation affects the view of objects in the sky. 

Lunar cycles: Moon phases

moon phases

  • Turn an animated model of the Moon around the Earth to explore how rotation is related to views of the Moon.
What's the problem: planets 
  • Star as a contestant in a quiz show! Select three worded mathematical problems, about planets